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Boldyn introduces private 5G network at Lahti Ski Games: advancing broadcasting technology

Private 5G networks, delivering speed and innovation

01 March 2024 | Lahti, Finland

Lahti, Finland – March 01, 2024 Boldyn Networks (Boldyn), a world’s leading neutral host provider, is introducing a private 5G network at the upcoming Lahti Ski Games. The goal is to measure the benefits of this advanced technology in enhancing the experience of sports and cultural events.

Events, varying from short-term gatherings to extended festivals, often encounter challenges with traditional network infrastructure due to the high cost and time involved in deployment. Boldyn, is bringing private 5G mobile network built in a van to present an alternative solution that offers rapid deployment and cost-effectiveness, aiming to address these challenges.

Yle, the Finnish public service media company, tasked with broadcasting the Lahti Ski Games, will assess the capabilities of the private 5G network while capturing the event's key moments. This test will serve as a critical evaluation to determine if the private 5G network aligns with their vision for future broadcasting.

In the event, Yle and Boldyn aim to assess whether a private 5G network can provide the necessary network capacity and low latency required to support large numbers of attendees, particularly in scenarios where public mobile networks may struggle with congestion.

Private 5G networks offer several advantages for seamless broadcasting. They can eliminate the need for optical fiber deployment during broadcasting preparations, thereby reducing both time and costs. Moreover, technologically, private 5G networks can enhance broadcasting quality in various ways:

  • Minimising interference during live streaming: Operating on private frequencies, private 5G networks significantly reduce the likelihood of interference from other consumers, particularly in high-traffic settings like the Skiing Games.
  • Providing sufficient capacity and low latency for transmitting high-resolution videos: Private 5G networks ensure that the quality of the broadcasted video matches the high quality of its recording, delivering an optimal viewing experience of sports’ highlights for audiences at home.

The initiative builds upon Boldyn's extensive expertise. With over 50 Private Network deployments across seven European countries, Boldyn brings comprehensive experience in end-to-end private network deployment, including design, construction, and operation. The Lahti Ski Games is the perfect platform to experiment the power of private 5G networks. This is an opportunity for Boldyn and clients to propel the forefront of live events’ broadcasting.

The upcoming Lahti Ski Games will serve as a testing ground to evaluate the performance of the private 5G network in real-world operational conditions. YLE and Boldyn will conduct thorough testing and analysis to determine the feasibility of leveraging private 5G networks.