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First of its kind multicarrier network revolutionises Hong Kong data centre with 5G Connectivity.

Boldyn Networks in Hong Kong, are innovating with Integrated Radio Distribution Systems (IRDS) for unmanned systems, with the successful installation of an IRDS in a Hong Kong Government data centre. The IRDS provides fast and reliable 5G connectivity for smart data centre applications, such as cloud computing, edge computing, and IoT.

Our team in Hong Kong are unlocking an interconnected future of Smart Data Centres with an Integrated Radio Distribution System (IRDS) for unmanned systems in a Hong Kong Government data centre.

This represents a significant milestone in Hong Kong for 5G connectivity for smart data centre applications, including cloud computing, edge computing, and IoT innovations.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovation:

The installation journey was filled with unique challenges, from navigating low ceilings and complex signal reflections to mitigating high signal interference from data centre cabinets. Our team leveraged advanced simulation tools to meticulously plan and ensure the best coverage. Evaluating the radio frequency environment, antenna placements, and signal quality to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

State-of-the-Art IRDS Technology:

Our IRDS solution features high-power radios and wideband antennas, designed to integrate seamlessly with existing data centre infrastructure. Supporting a variety of frequency bands (3gpp B8, B3, n1, B7, and n78) and equipped with new structural cabling for MIMO configuration in 5G n78, our system is engineered for high data rate communications and enhanced performance.

World first Multi-Carrier ENDC Technology:

Boldyn Networks' IRDS is the first to support multi-carrier ENDC technology in data centres, accommodating up to 4 mobile network operators (MNOs). This innovation paves the way for leveraging 5G's low latency, high bandwidth, and extensive device connectivity, enabling advanced applications such as real-time data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Empowering Smart Data Centres:

With this installation, the data centre can now harness the full potential of 5G technology, driving efficiency and innovation in smart applications. We're proud to contribute to this transformative project, demonstrating our commitment to providing best-in-class IRDS solutions for the data centre sector.


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