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Ukkoverkot and Venus & Mercury Telecom to cooperate

High-Performance Industrial Private LTE Networks Available in the Netherlands

In Addition to the previously announced expansion to Sweden, Ukkoverkot is now expanding its offering to the Netherlands, where it is set to provide high-performance industrial Private LTE Network operations. The expansion is done in co-operation with V&M Telecom, utilizing its efficient LTE/5G spectrum in the Netherlands.

The innovative Dutch greenfield operator V&M Telecom and Ukkoverkot, the leading private LTE/5G micro-network operator, have signed a co-operation agreement that gives Ukkoverkot access to the 40 MHz of 3.5 GHz TDD frequency license (LTE band 42) that V&M Telecom holds. Ukkoverkot is expanding its offering to the Netherlands, among other countries, and will use this dedicated radio spectrum locally in the Netherlands for industrial private LTE network purposes.

Tomorrow’s connectivity of businesses will be built on private local LTE/5G networks that function on their own radiofrequency. Automation, robotics, machine learning and real-time remote monitoring boost cost efficiency and increase customer value. Private LTE networks constitute a cost-effective way to immediately leverage the opportunities provided by the 5G era.

Ukkoverkot delivers these high-performance and secure industrial private LTE networks for accelerated digitalization. The network infrastructure is tailored to the individual capacity, usability and coverage needs of industrial companies. Ukkoverkot currently provides digital connectivity solutions for enterprises and authorities in Finland and Sweden, and the co-operation with V&M Telecom makes its offering also available in the Netherlands.

We aim to be a different type of operator, serving specific market segments that require different solutions than the standard offerings of the traditional large operators. This co-operation with Ukkoverkot, a specialized player in providing tailor made local connectivity solutions to industries is a good example. Building local LTE networks gives businesses mobile solutions that are perfectly matched with their industry specific applications in a very effective and efficient way. We have great expectations of this co-operation with Ukkoverkot.

— Mohamed I. Kazem

CEO at V&M Telecom

The co-operation reflects Ukkoverkot’s growth strategy and further strengthens its leading position as a provider of private LTE networks. 

The Dutch market has significant potential for Private LTE, and Ukkoverkot is poised to duplicate the private LTE business concept which we have proven in Finland. We are happy to be able to offer secure high-performance connectivity solutions, demanded by our industrial customers and required by modern digitalization as a service, in wider areas for local and global pioneers. With this, we also strengthen our internationally strong partnerships with key actors in the telecom industry ecosystem.

— Mikko Uusitalo

CEO at Ukkoverkot

About V&M Telecom

V&M is a greenfield broadband network operator in the Netherlands that has regional spectrum licenses for use of 40 MHz in LTE band 42, in defined geographic areas in the Netherlands. V&M Telecom aims to serve multiple niche market segments with tailored solutions.

About Ukkoverkot

Established in 2014, Ukkoverkot Oy provides tailor-made connections on land, sea and air to support digitalization of industrial and security operators. The customers include Konecranes, Sandvik, Finavia, Steveco, Port of Oulu, Port of Kokkola, VR Group (Finnish state railways) and the Finnish Defense Forces. Ukkoverkot operates its Finnish Private LTE networks in 2.6 GHz and 450 MHz frequencies. The 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz frequency bands enable also services based on 5G technology.