The Cellnex Private Networks business including Edzcom has been acquired by Boldyn Networks on 1 March 2024. Positioning Boldyn as the neutral host partner of choice in the growing private networks market and widening our portfolio of wireless solutions. Learn more.

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MWC Barcelona 2024 | 26 - 29 February

Join us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024

Why meet us?

Join us for the premier event in the connectivity industry! Meet with our executive leadership team, attend insightful speaker sessions and learn more about how we're shaping the future of connectivity with our bold and dynamic brand.
Thursday 29th, 10:00-10:45, Stage B, Hall 6, Panel session

To go private or to slice

Join Brendan O’Reilly, our Group Chief Operating Officer for an exciting discussion on network architecture. Discover the pros and cons of two of the most popular approaches: private networking versus network slicing. By 2028, the Private LTE market is expected to reach $10.41 billion, compared to a mere $1.89 billion for Network slicing. What does this mean for the future?
Wednesday 28th,13:15 – 14:15, Stage A, Hall 6, Panel session

5G vs. Wi-Fi: What's needed for scalable, real private wireless?

Join Catherine Gull, Global head of business development and partnerships at Edzom for a panel discussion on the importance of wireless connectivity in Industry 4.0 and private networks. While LTE is dominant, 5G and WiFi 6 are emerging as alternatives with better latency, speeds, and capacities. The need for always-on connectivity raises the question of which technology to use, or if a mix of 5G and WiFi is best for secure, seamless connectivity.

Meet our leadership at MWC

Fill out the form and request a meeting with any of our executive leaders who will be attending MWC Barcelona 2024:

Igor Leprince, Group Chief Executive Officer

Brendan O'Reilly, Group Chief Operating Officer

Nick Hudson, Director of Global Partners and Programmes

Andy Penley, Group SVP RAN Solutions

Malcolm Keys, Business Development Director

Sarah Roberts, Group Chief Marketing Officer

Justin Berger, Group Chief Strategy Officer

Mikko Uusitalo, CEO, Edzcom

Kari Lehtinen, CTO and Co-Founder at Edzcom

Catherine Gull, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Edzcom

Valenti Roca Martinez, Head of Mission Critical & Private Networks, Edzcom

Andrew Conway, Director Solutions and Innovation

Marc Ibanez, Director Solutions and Innovation

Rui Inacio, Chief Technology Officer

Lowrie Hanley, Group Head of Procurement

David de Cells, Head of Sales Spain, Edzcom

Aitor Rubio, Sales Manager, Edzcom

Marusa Filic, Head of Offering, Edzcom

Marc Rohleder, VP, Technology Strategy

Donal O'Sullivan, Head of Product Innovation

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