The Cellnex Private Networks business including Edzcom has been acquired by Boldyn Networks on 1 March 2024. Positioning Boldyn as the neutral host partner of choice in the growing private networks market and widening our portfolio of wireless solutions. Learn more.

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Venues and hospitality

Seamless wireless connectivity for buildings of every kind

A sports arena or live entertainment venue. A high-end hotel or resort. Whatever kind of property you own, we can help you connect it.


Sports and entertainment venues

Sports and entertainment venues

Wow fans and visitors with world-class connectivity

Digital ticketing. Immersive VR/AR applications. In-seat ordering. Contactless payment. Innovations like these create experiences fans won't soon forget - boosting revenue and attracting even bigger acts and sponsors. But how can you achieve the type of connectivity those applications need?

With our neutral host wireless infrastructure. We design, build and run scalable, best-in-class public and private networks designed for crowded indoor environments. From secure public Wi-Fi to DAS solutions and private 5G networks, we can do it all for your venue.

Advanced connectivity can transform your day-to-day operations. It can also help keep fans and staff safe – supporting wireless security cameras, emergency communications and AI-assisted threat identification. And it can grow your revenue by enabling digital ads, real-time sports betting and more.

With our neutral host solutions, multiple carriers can deliver services over the same infrastructure. That saves you space and reduces CO2 emissions. Fans stay connected, no matter who they’re subscribed to. And it gives you more ways to fund your project, including an option with zero cost to you.

And we tailor our approach to your needs, working around your schedule to minimize disruption to your events. Plus, we’ll run the networks we deploy and monitor them 24/7 – to make sure you can keep delivering a consistently amazing fan experience.



Enhance the guest experience and your operations

Fast, reliable, seamless connectivity throughout your building. It’s what guests expect – whether you run a hotel, casino or convention center. It can also enhance the guest experience in other ways, enabling modern functions like remote check-in and mobile keyless entry.

From public Wi-Fi to private 5G, we can design, build and manage the wireless infrastructure you need to bring fast connections to every room. Run back-of-house operations securely. Reduce costs with smart in-room lighting, temperature controls and other connected features.

As a neutral host, we build one network all carriers can use. Delivering consistent coverage and capacity for every guest and application – while reducing energy costs and emissions. And we monitor our networks 24/7, keeping you connected by catching small issues before they become big problems.


Sports, Gaming & Rock & Roll: Connectivity and the fan experience

Connectivity needs to be in every venue's playbook.

  • 87% of event-goers post to social media while at an event.
  • 68% of event-goers say AR/VR technologies have become an integral part of the fan experience.
  • 77% of event-goers access their tickets digitally.
  • 81% of event-goers would spend more on food, drink and merchandise if ordering were more convenient.

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