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Are you ready for London’s exciting new digital infrastructure?

A city that’s ready to meet the challenges of today and seize the opportunities for tomorrow. And where digital connectivity drives innovation and growth and sets us up for a more sustainable future.

What is the world’s best digitally connected and enabled city?

A city that’s ready to meet the challenges of today and seize the opportunities for tomorrow. And where digital connectivity drives innovation and growth and sets us up for a more sustainable future.  

When asked about the best digitally connected city, many will answer somewhere like Singapore or Seoul rather than London.

But actually, something very exciting is happening. A whole new digital infrastructure is coming to the capital. One that gives us the potential to leapfrog other capitals and become one of the most digitally connected cities on Earth.

A brand-new digital backbone that creates a unique opportunity for London’s real estate developers, venue operators and boroughs to introduce state-of-the-art connectivity in an increasingly digital world. Transforming services for their customers, employees, visitors and residents.

We’re already experiencing the impact as 4G and 5G mobile connectivity continues to extend across the Tube network and its stations. We recently connected the final four stations on the Elizabeth line, and we’re starting to bring connectivity to the Victoria and Piccadilly lines, with more to come through the year. 

But this is just one part of something bigger and broader.

As 4G and 5G extends across all Tube stations with platforms below London’s surface, as well as to parts of London Overground and the Docklands Light Railway, we’re laying hundreds of kilometres of new fibre.

Because this can also connect to thousands of TfL’s street-level assets and a network of new mini data centres, there are exceptional opportunities to bring high-speed, high-capacity mobile and fibre connectivity to our streets and buildings above ground. From brand new real estate developments to London’s world-class stadiums and venues to the offices that house some of our most innovative businesses.

A digital infrastructure with a reach all over the capital, stretching from the centre of the City right out across London’s boroughs. All with the high-speed, high-capacity, reliable mobile and fibre connectivity that everyone wants and needs.

A unique partnership creating a unique reach

The extensive and unique reach of this new digital infrastructure stems from our exclusive 20-year concession with Transport for London. We have the opportunity to use TfL’s remarkable collection of physical assets, both below and above the surface.

As well as tunnels and stations, there are thousands of street-level assets such as fibre ducts, bus shelters and lighting columns.  Assets that allow us to reach areas, previously un-economic or too disruptive to serve.

Over the lifetime of the concession, we anticipate investing in excess of £1 billion in utilising these assets, enabling this new fibre backbone across the capital as well as thousands of new 4G and 5G radio transmitters above and below ground. These will significantly boost mobile connectivity across the capital.

A new network of mini data centres provides inter-connectivity to all four national mobile network operators to provide a great signal, regardless of provider.

The combination of this resourceful reuse of existing assets and simultaneously enabling all four mobile networks also means a greener, less disruptive and more cost-effective approach.

 The opportunity for London

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of being involved in many telecommunications and infrastructure projects. But this one’s different. It has the potential to positively impact thousands of businesses and public bodies across London in a very tangible way.

A digitally connected city is essential to not only Londoners, its boroughs and its businesses but also for the UK economy as a whole.

As every compartment of our professional and personal life becomes increasingly digitised, we are ever more reliant on good connectivity. Supporting our productivity and sustainability initiatives. Keeping us informed and entertained. And even keeping us safe.

But improving digital mobile connectivity across such a busy, densely populated global, 24-hour city is especially challenging. Sustainability targets for London’s real estate will make it difficult to obtain cellular mobile coverage from outdoor signals.

Our busy streets and London’s entertainment and sporting venues are all areas of high-density demand that often need a boost in mobile capacity.

And despite significant improvements in availability, many areas of London still require additional access to full fibre connectivity to enhance public services.

The unique partnership between Boldyn Networks and TfL is creating opportunities to meet these challenges and extend our new infrastructure.

The sheer ubiquity and frequency of TfL’s assets means this new digital backbone may be literally just around the corner from you or even under your feet. A unique reach with the potential to transform digital experiences at your real estate development, your offices, your venue or your public buildings.

Are you ready for game changing connectivity?

The new digital infrastructure enabled by our partnership with TfL is already bringing game-changing connectivity to a diverse range of buildings and locations across the capital. From local community centres to new real estate developments at the heart of London’s newest cultural quarter.

Olympia in West London is undertaking a groundbreaking regeneration that will see it emerge in 2025 as a major destination with 14 acres of culture, creativity and entertainment. Connectivity is critical for the success of Olympia’s exhibition halls, hotels, offices, bars, restaurants, new music arena and performing arts school.

We’ve partnered with Olympia to bring world-class mobile connectivity across the entire estate, taking full advantage of London’s new digital infrastructure.

For local authorities across London there is also an opportunity to enhance connectivity. Improved digital connectivity can provide access to employment and training opportunities, enhance public safety, help make cities greener and improve services for residents.

And we’re already discussing potential projects with other venues and locations across London. These range from office developments to iconic stadiums, all helping us become the best-connected capital city in Europe.

Get ready

The possibilities for tomorrow are endless. Are you ready to join us to make London one of the world’s most connected cities?

If you’d like to see how your organisation might benefit from London’s new digital infrastructure, then just get in touch.

It’s now time for London.

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