The Cellnex Private Networks business including Edzcom has been acquired by Boldyn Networks on 1 March 2024. Positioning Boldyn as the neutral host partner of choice in the growing private networks market and widening our portfolio of wireless solutions. Learn more.

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5G small cells and communication towers

Reach more people in more places with small cells and towers

Dense small cell and tower networks that support multiple carriers. Skilled and speedy siting. Right-of-way agreements with cities all over the world. We solve your coverage and capacity challenges.

We fund and build it. You get the benefits.

Offer great service and broad coverage over our small cell and tower networks. And do it with zero upfront capital costs and speedier rollouts. That’s the power of a neutral host network.
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Network densification

Better service in more places

Denser networks perform better. Faster speeds. Higher capacities. Lower latencies. With hundreds of cell towers and tens of thousands of small cells across several major cities, our networks are dense.
Small cells

Swift installation, anywhere

Indoors or outdoors. Above ground or below. Easy-to-reach places or far from it. We get small cells where you need them to boost connectivity across 5G, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi.
Communication towers

Expansive and always-expanding coverage

Achieve broad wireless coverage with our existing cell tower deployments or brand-new developments. We own and operate hundreds of neutral host tower sites in major cities.
End-to-end support

Expertise every step of the way

Leave it to our specialists to meet all your infrastructure needs, from initial planning to post-deployment operations. And rest easy: we monitor our sites 24/7 to ensure smooth transmission.

Enhance service with small cells and towers

Ready to connect? Find out how we can support you with 5G small cells, communication towers and more.