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Earth Day and a reflection on connectivity

By Andrew Potter, Group Chief Risk Officer

Earth Day is always a good reminder to all of us of the need to make the planet a better place to live, work and play. How can a neutral host provider contribute to this endeavour?

For years, the work of telecommunications companies has been perceived as an industry impacting our environment. However, our industry only produces 1.6% of carbon emissions while it is connecting 95% of the planet. The fact is that advanced network solutions are what will help interconnect the communities of the future, propel digital economies, and allow us to continue sharing and communicating with each other. What’s important is to control those carbon emissions through more sustainable networks and/or solutions.

Think of the growing use of GenAI, and AI use cases around improved productivity. For some analysts, this trend will lead to higher energy consumption. But for most, GenAI will assist with data analysis to reduce carbon emissions overall.

Or think of your most recent experience at a concert or sports game. The use of mobile devices to share and enjoy memorable events continues to grow. There are 6.8 billion smartphones in use today. And this experience is made possible thanks to the availability of rapid, ubiquitous connections on the spot.

Progress fueled by technology can’t be stopped but can be consciously managed with innovation and responsible leadership. So, how do we balance the growing need for connectivity and the use of mobile devices with our commitment to deliver for our planet?

As a leading provider of neutral host infrastructure, we see different ways to pursue this goal:

  • The decommissioning of legacy fixed (e.g., copper) and mobile (e.g., 2G and 3G) networks can reduce the use of energy by 80%. Boldyn is leading the way with cutting-edge 5G networks and new fibre deployments that can also support carriers’ transitions.
  • Our shared network infrastructure means a single network deployment can be utilised by several carriers, reducing installation costs and power consumption. Neutral host solutions like DAS have a much lower power consumption, providing a better sustainable option.
  • Our neutral host technologies support smart facilities with use cases like energy management, electronic vehicle charging, emergency systems, sensors, and IoT-enabled devices.
  • Boldyn’s fibre and 5G networks are the connectivity backbone of smart city developments like London, Sunderland, New York, San Francisco, and Rome. This reduces the number of network deployments and the subsequent energy consumption.

Every time we celebrate Earth Day - or watch the latest solar eclipse if we have that privilege (not me in cloudy London) - as global corporations in the telco industry, let’s revisit our sustainability commitments, review our progress, and continue to develop bold and innovative technologies responsibly.