The Cellnex Private Networks business including Edzcom has been acquired by Boldyn Networks on 1 March 2024. Positioning Boldyn as the neutral host partner of choice in the growing private networks market and widening our portfolio of wireless solutions. Learn more.

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Transport & logistics

Fast, reliable connectivity for uninterrupted journeys.

Trains. Planes. Ships. No matter what or who you’re moving, our neutral host wireless infrastructure can keep every part of your operations connected and safe.


Rail & metro

Rail & metro

Seamless operations for transformed passenger experiences

Managing your fleet. Turning stations into intermodal travel hubs. Delivering better passenger and cargo experiences. Doing all that demands fast, secure, reliable wireless coverage everywhere you operate.

We can install Wi-Fi, small cells, DAS and Private networks anywhere connectivity is needed: from stations to tunnels to rail corridors. That’s good for your passengers. And good for your business.

Provide seamless connectivity from the moment passengers set foot in your stations or hubs. Offer quick and convenient ticketless entry. Automatically adjust cooling and heating with smart climate controls. Update passengers immediately about any schedule changes.

Let riders join video calls or stream their favourite shows, even when underground. Enhance security with reliable public safety networks and real-time video feeds. Use data analytics to address overcrowding, plan better routes and schedule proactive maintenance to keep your fleet in top shape.

New York. Hong Kong. San Francisco. London. Rome. We’ve worked with major transit authorities around the world, bringing advanced wireless connectivity to some of the biggest transportation systems. And we can do the same for yours.


Stations of the future

Read an extensive study of transit stations, their stakeholders, their strengths and their shortcomings, framed by the needs and expectations of passengers. Learn how we're working towards a more human centric future of stations.



Seamless journeys. Sky-high operations.

With private networks, DAS, and Wi-Fi from Boldyn Networks you’re at the boarding gate for an interconnected future of operational efficiency, passenger satisfaction, and enhanced revenue.

Provide seamless connectivity from the moment travellers arrive. Ensuring they can join video calls or stream their favourite shows - anywhere in the terminal. Allow them to use intelligent wayfinding on their phones. Enable frictionless retail and real time notifications for gate or schedule changes.

Unlock new smart applications to enhance the passenger experience and drive revenue growth. From personalised retail offers, to targeted offerings on food and beverage through real time data and analytics and intelligent wayfinding to promote foot traffic to stores across the airport.

Enable automation and capture real-time insights for streamlined operations with a private network for terminal assets or airside operations. Ensuring your marshaller cars, buses and people stay connected, no matter where they need to go.

Thermal imaging. Biometric facial recognitions. To adopt the latest innovations that keep passengers safe, you need a fast, reliable private network. Get real-time data on energy and water consumption to reduce your environmental footprint. Improve environmental safety by tracking dangerous emissions and fuel leakage.

Private networks delivering digital transformation for airports

Private network solutions revolutionise the airport journey with innovative solutions that focus on the well-being of passengers and staff. Their advanced private network guarantees smooth connectivity and security across the airport, boosting operational efficiency and safety. The goal is to equip smart airports with cutting-edge technology for outstanding customer-centric travel experiences.

Seamless connectivity for airport management

Unprecedented connectivity for critical services. Marshaller cars, de-icing vehicles, and cars & buses. We are connecting a growing number of devices & enabled an efficient fleet management for airports globally.

Use cases

Seamless connectivity

Ensure uninterrupted and reliable connectivity for critical airport operations. Such as, baggage handling, passenger boarding, and communication among airport departments

Efficient fleet management

Facilitate seamless communication and coordination among airport vehicles. Improving overall fleet management efficiency and safety

Enhanced security systems

Provide a secure environment with thermal imaging, and biometric facial recognition with HD video for sensitive data and critical airport systems. Ensuring the safety and protection of both passengers and airport assets.

High data capacity for video streaming

Adapt easily to the increasing demands of growing passenger numbers and connected devices, with a network that can scale seamlessly with evolving airport requirements.

Integration of smart, energy-efficient systems

Contribute to airports' sustainability goals by supporting the integration of smart, energy-efficient systems. Minimising environmental impacts and promoting green practices.



Keep goods flowing with 5G logistics solutions

The flow of goods and raw materials never ends. Even a small hitch can cause big delays. Automation and smart technologies can solve most challenges – but require fast, reliable wireless connectivity.

Smarter decision-making. Increased berth occupancy. A private 5G network makes it possible for your port to improve forecasting and berth planning. Use sensors and cameras to better manage yard and terminal operations. Adopt applications like digital twins, tele-remote crane operations, and more.

We deliver networks for machine-to-machine communication, asset tracking, terminal operating systems and other critical applications. 4G and 5G private networks. DAS networks. Whatever your port requires for total wireless coverage, onshore or offshore, we can design, build and run it – from end to end.

Roll out innovations that are good for your operations – and your employees. Bring in autonomous straddle carriers and cranes that spare workers from repetitive jobs. Use AR/VR and robotics to remove workers from dangerous areas. And keep personnel, systems and applications connected at all times.

It doesn’t matter how big your port is. A private 5G network with dedicated spectrum gives you the capacity and coverage to ensure seamless handovers as crew or cargo travel from one area of the port to another. So, they can keep on managing truck queues, analysing dock-side freight and more.


Private networks delivering digital transformation for ports

High-performance wireless connectivity is essential for smart ports, ensuring operational continuity, cost reduction, and competitive advantage. Boldyn Networks offers a customised private network for seamless connectivity of assets, equipment, and personnel. Leveraging data-enabled technologies enhances services, supports ESG goals, and improves safety. Invest in a private network now for system security and continuous site-wide coverage.

Anchor Port of Kokkola's business continuity and berth planning

Interconnected ports enable real-time monitoring, enhancing connectivity and reliability, and expanding digital capabilities for ports.

Optimizing Steveco's operations

Port and logistics systems are usually limited by the amount of data and information that can be shared using current technology. 5G addresses these issues by offering higher transfer speeds, lower latency and greater data density compared to existing platforms.

Use cases

Increase berth occupancy

With improved forecasting of ships arrival times, by collecting data on tidal streams, wind strength, etc.

Minimize machine downtime

With predictive and remote crane and vehicle maintenance

Decrease operational costs

By increasing efficiency in assets maintenance, planning of lighting costs, etc.

Improve situational awareness

With sensors and cameras to better manage yard and terminal operations

Increase safety

Through video surveillance, onsite staff communication and remote crane operations


Wi-Fi, DAS or private networks. Indoors. Outdoors. In the terminal or tunnel. We can help you connect your passengers and operations seamlessly.