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Drilling digitalisation into the deepest known mine in Europe, Callio Pyhäjärvi

As technology progresses, the mining industry aims to utilise Private 5G networks to improve operations and discover new opportunities.

Building the best-of-class test mine in the world enabled by Private 5G SA Network

As technology continues to advance, the mining industry seeks to leverage the power of Private 5G networks to enhance operations and unlock new possibilities. The Private Network at the Pyhäjärvi Callio FutureMINE is key to the success of the project in one of the deepest known mines in Europe.

The underground digitalisation vision

The Private 5G network is designed to support demanding applications. It operates across 8 levels of the mine and at a decline length of more than 11km in addition to the mine’s surface. Enabling connectivity to test new innovations and cutting-edge technologies.

Use cases

This project captures the potential of Private 5G networks in revolutionising the mining sector. Seeking to address the unique challenges faced by underground mines and to drive the digital transformation journey.

Advanced analytics & AI integration

Utilise advanced technology for informed decision-making

Mining automation

Reduce human errors and automate dangerous tasks

Predictive maintenance

Maintain optimal performance of machinery

Safety measures and location services

Monitor and set virtual boundaries to prevent workers from hazardous areas

The future of mining is here

Revolutionise the way you use private 5G networks and join us on this digital transformation journey.