The Cellnex Private Networks business including Edzcom has been acquired by Boldyn Networks on 1 March 2024. Positioning Boldyn as the neutral host partner of choice in the growing private networks market and widening our portfolio of wireless solutions. Learn more.

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Fans love to share their experiences on social media

How important is being able to connect to social media for attendees at your events? For fans at live sports and entertainment events, it's everything.

If you don’t post about an event on social media, did it really happen?

Mobile connectivity is crucial for a positive event experience. According to a survey of over 6,000 event-goers in the UK and US. 87% of respondents reported posting on social media during events. Discover the most used platforms in this infographic.

Want to learn more?

We are focused on improving connectivity, from start to finish. With fans’ increased expectations and ever-changing needs, enhanced connectivity is the answer. Discover more about our key findings and take live events to the next level.